There have been many different modalities over the course of humanity that have helped heal the body. The ancient Egyptians had a modality that was the origin of reflexology which dealt with zones on the body. A Dr. Charles Ersdal, M.D. was healed of paralysis by zone therapy. He then spent the next 26 years intensely studying the zones and determined that the body has an innate healing intelligence which can be accessed through Foot Zone Therapy. These zones are electro-magnetic in nature and heal at a holistic level as opposed to a symptomatic level.

Toe Reading is based on the work done by Dr. Ersdal and his Foot Zone Therapy. Toe Readers believe that life experiences are recorded holographically in the feet.

There is a saying that the “eyes are the windows to the Soul.” Our feet, then, are a road map of what those eyes have seen. Our emotions and life stories are recorded and reflected in our feet through the direction and formation of the toes. Once you know portions of the code, you can start to see the patterns in your life. Those patterns are reflections of thought processes that we may consciously–and even more importantly, unconsciously–be replaying out in our daily lives or reality on a consistent basis.

The way we perceive ourselves internally as well as our interpretation of how our external world perceives us is recorded in our feet.

Because Toe Reading is an intuitive process, there are a multitude of layers that can be read. However, even being able to define for yourself some of the basic patterns of your life can lead to an opportunity for change. So that is what this book offers–a taste of basic understanding regarding the patterns in your life. Once you recognize the pattern(s), you can now move into questions to ask yourself such as: Is this pattern serving me? Am I saying one thing and actually doing another? Am I living my life by habit or on Purpose?

The name Toe Reading does not reflect the depth that a reading may actually present to a person.

This information is dedicated to those who seek understanding of Self, who desire to “see” themselves, who inherently know they will benefit from taking an action to reveal to themselves parts that have gone unknown or un-noticed.

Toes may take on revealing possible qualities or characteristics of long-term patterns in our lives. Once we know what they are, we can then determine whether those same patterns are serving us or if they are being of dis-service to us in the life we truly desire to live.

Toe Reading is not meant to be a judgmental conclusion. Rather, a reading is meant to be intuitive and inquisitive. The metaphorical reading helps us understand where we are so we can see if the choices we are making are taking us to where we want to be.

In order to start to understand what our toes are telling us, we need to have some basic information to guide us in our interpretation. As a matter of fact, KC Miller states in her book Toe Reading: Are You Walking Your Destined Path, that “I realized that there were, in fact, very predictable patterns and stories based on which toe a particular formation appeared.”

First, the left and right feet reflect two different interpretations–the internal and external stories of our life. In most cases, the left foot reveals our interpretation of the internal aspects of our life. It holds the patterns of stories about our connection with ourselves and the Divine. The right foot reflects how we interpret our actions and interactions with our external world and our interpretation of how we are perceived by others in our life. It may also reflect how we are showing up in our World. If you are left handed and have no ambidextrious tendancies, then the interpretations may be opposite, with the left foot reflecting external and the right foot reflecting internal aspects.

If you were to place your bare feet on the floor pointing straight ahead and draw a straight line down the center between your feet, you can now decipher future thinking or thinking from the past. If the toes are curved and appear to be pointing toward the center line, then there is looking to the past going on. If the toes appear to be pointing away from the center line, then there appears to be future thinking going on.

The thing to keep in mind is that there is no judgment whether there is past or future thinking taking place. There may be good reasons for future thinking–perhaps you are in the midst of schooling for the very thing you feel destined to do. However, you still have a few years of schooling before you can graduate and move into your destined career. Or maybe what has taken place in your past has kept you motivated to move onto your life path.

In any event, the stories–once revealed–can be used as an opportunity for change. The thoughtful questions asked can help promote recognition, healing and forward movement.

There are many different tools available to ascertain patterns (habits and beliefs) that affect our daily lives–Toe Reading is such a tool.  If you would be interested in a personal reading, please contact me at to schedule a consultation.

In any event, remember that no matter which tool you choose to use, personal empowerment is the greatest freedom we can ever know or experience!

To Your Highest and Best,


Written/Edited by
Hope Weinmaster
Your Powerful Life
Gilbert, AZ