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“Success is not the key to happiness. Happiness is the key to success. If you love what u are doing, u will be successful.”Albert Schweitzer

Have you entered the I Will Pay You to Be Quiet video contest? This is awesome and FUN!!

You cannot say that you have mastered love until you include yourself in its embrace–Alan Cohen

— Alan Cohen

“Blavatsky predicted a spiritual revolution led by ordinary people…” noted by Dr. Wayne Dyer

I just took “What animal spirit ru?” and got: Turtle! Try it:

I just took “What color M&Ms are you?” and got: Brown M&Ms! Try it:

I just took “What color M&Ms are you?” and got: Brown M&Ms! Try it: Want a new perspective?? Check this out!

Who knew that a new mathematics that looks like art could potentially explain our world in ways we can’t even define yet, and even potentially explain our lives! 

If you are interested in finding out about new types of creativity, understanding earthly phenomena, and using new tools to explore your inner world, then this interview is for you!  Keith Knutson, in a 3-part series, explains what fractals are, where they came from, and ways we can potentially make this newfound knowledge work for us in our world. 

Go to this link now  in order to hear Part 1 of Fractal Art with Keith Knutson.

Written/Edited by
Hope Weinmaster
Your Powerful Life
Gilbert, AZ

Sometimes, seeing is believing. Although we know water is good for our bodies, and that our bodies are approximately 60% water, we have a tendency to take water for granted. Like an old friend that never changes.

Although we may not think about water other than to note when we are thirsty, a firm of US scientists have developed a chemically modified water that they are calling ‘healing super-water.’ The water is made by filtering it through a salt membrane.

The name of the Californian firm which developed the water is Oculus. What does this water do? The scientists say that it speeds up wound healing and kills viruses, bacteria and fungi. It also reported that it is effective against MRSA (a type of virulent staph infection). New Scientist magazine reports that in the UK, trials are are being carried out on patients with diabetic foot ulcers.

Experts said wound healing was a major problem for people with diabetes.

The key ingredient of the water are oxychlorine ions which are electrically charged molecules that are called Microcyn. The water is made by taking purified water and using an electric current and a semi-permeable sodium chloride membrane to separate out the oxychlorine ions.

The treated water can only kill cells it can completely surround which would be things such as free-living microbes. Human cells are spared because they are tightly bound together in a matrix. In a study done with patients with advanced foot ulcers, the recovery healing time for those using the treated water was 43 days as compared to a regular antibiotic healing period of 55 days.

The results were presented at a Global Healthcare biomedical conference in Monte Carlo.

According to the story reported in the BBC News:

“This research is very interesting and we look forward to the trial results.”

Help the Aged spokesman Mike Foster said: “The team involved is a credible one and wound healing is a major area in the health of older people.

“There is an urgent need to understand the biology of our repair systems so that we can improve treatments that will help to restore more people’s health and independence.”

You can find the entire story in the BBC NEWS:

Published: 2007/05/24 00:32:18 GMT


Written/Edited by
Hope Weinmaster
Your Powerful Life
Gilbert, AZ

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