Our mind is now being referred to as the last great frontier!   Were you aware that our mind consists of two cognitive processes?  Conscious and nonconscious (also referred to as subconscious or unconscious). 

Even more importantly, did you know that only about 10 percent of our brain is conscious–the logical, reasoning, thinking part of us?  The other 90 percent is unconscious–belief systems, perceptions (also known as programming) as well as physical involuntary actions (such as breathing, cells dividing, etc.)

So the unconscious part of us runs the major part of our lives!  Ever wonder why you didn’t do the things you wanted to, and did the things you didn’t want to?  It’s called programming, and most of our programming took place within the first 5-7 years of our life!

It may be worth taking a look at our unconscious mind in order to understand ourselves better.  Even more importantly, we may want to learn how we can change our subconscious programming if we are not living a Healthy Life and/or if we have given up on our dreams.  (For more information regarding assistance in changing current programming, check out the Tools For You! section of our website.)

In the meantime, learning how our brain/mind works can be a fascinating discovery!  And it doesn’t have to be full of technical terms or scientific language.  It can be done in a simple, straightforward manner.

Here are some very valuable links for you where you can start to understand your mind:

John Assaraf makes it easy to understand how our brain works and why you want to know how it works!  Read this 14 page report by clicking here for John’s free eBook.

If you want to find out more information about how to put this information to use in business, check out John Assaraf here.

Written/Edited by
Hope Weinmaster
Your Powerful Life
Gilbert, AZ