Healthy Living takes place on many different levels.  Although we may typically equate Healthy Living with our physical bodies and eating, that does not take our whole existence into account.  We are more than our bodies–we are our minds, our emotions, our belief systems, and–science is starting to indicate–we are more interconnected to our earth environment than we may have ever known.

Where we have had personal experience with these products, we will give you our opinion and/or recommendation.  We are constantly reading, researching and trying out new services and products and will give  feedback on those adventures for better or worse!  We would also appreciate feedback from you, our readers,  and value your experiences and impressions as well.

No matter where you decide to begin–physical, mental/emotional, spiritual or even the environmental level, there is something here for everyone!  We are continual exploring each topic and look forward to bringing you quality information which then gives you the opportunity to decide what is right for you.  You can put together the pieces that fit the unique and wonderful you, and design Your Powerful Life!

Written/Edited by
Hope Weinmaster
Your Powerful Life
Gilbert, AZ