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  • "Sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness." Galway Kinnell 2010-03-19
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thought for the week:
By Hope Weinmaster

“At 211º water is hot. At 212º, it boils. And with boiling water, comes steam. And steam can power a locomotive. It’s that ONE Extra Degree that makes all the difference. Use this powerful metaphor to reach new heights.” –from website of Mac Anderson


Have you heard the question: What is the difference between success and mediocrity? The answer is—one degree.

Look around yourself and notice those that have surged ahead and those that seem to remain in the same place. What is the difference between them? Have you noticed that the ones who move ahead are not necessarily the most intelligent, the most innovative or the most educated?

What the successful people have in common is a “WHY” that drives them forward. Their why creates a passion within them that helps set their sights in front of them, that helps them make their choices along the way, that creates momentum and a focus that provides them with the energy to do those things they love as well as those things they don’t love but must do in order to get to their goal.

It’s easy enough to get distracted with the busy-ness of life. If you want to succeed, take care of the little things that tend to hang around your mind and take up energy. Then—focus on what drives you!

To take care of the little things, schedule an appointment with yourself for 15 minutes. Have a pen and pad of paper ready, set your timer, and then write down all the little things that have needed your time and attention. The light bulb that needs changing, the paper towel holder that needs hung up on the wall, the broom that needs to be purchased. Then start doing one thing on your list a week. This will free up your mind; you no longer have to hold the items in the back of your mind and they will no longer be nagging at you because you are going to accomplish them (even if it’s slowly)! You will be surprised how much energy in the background has been devoted to these open-ended “little things.”

Now you’re ready for the good stuff—the stuff that makes the difference, the stuff that starts your forward movement, and the stuff that ultimately creates the life of your dreams! And that is your “why.”


In order to have the motivation for focus, you need to know your bigger “why.” Why do you want to make more money? It may not really be the number in a bank account. It may really be so you can purchase that car, new furniture, three-bedroom house or vacation for you and your family. Why do you really want to make any of those purchases? That is your bigger why.

To get your bigger why, you can write a personal mission statement. Build it with key personal qualities, a specific and measurable goal, and a deadline to accomplish that goal. It only needs to be one paragraph long, but your mission statement will keep you out of your own way! It also helps you maintain focus. There are some easy, free sites online to help you with your personal mission statement.

Just one degree of energy moves you from an everyday life—to creating the life you would passionately love to live!

Created by Hope Weinmaster

thought for the week:
By Hope Weinmaster

“We have to do the best we can. This is our sacred human responsibility.” –Albert Einstein


Sometimes I think we have become confused as to where our energy and responsibility lies. Are we supposed to think about ourselves and find out who we are? Are we supposed to move outside ourselves and serve others? Are we selfish if we think of ourselves?

In our society it is easy to think that knowing oneself and serving others has become two separate things. Yet when you take time to contemplate the meaning of what it takes for either process, you find that neither one can be done to the best of our ability if we do not do both.

Taking time to get to know yourself and realize your passions, your gifts, the resources that you possess and only you can give to this world, is one of our greatest challenges and also our greatest calling. Our life becomes filled with energy and we desire to learn more, do more and be more when we are passionate about how we are spending our time and our life. Although our work may require effort, it does not feel like work!

When we engage ourselves fully in what we are doing, our imagination starts to give us ideas and thoughts about how to do things differently and how to overcome obstacles, how to improve the process. Einstein has also been quoted when it comes to imagination, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.” He also understood that problems cannot be solved with the same kind of thinking that was used to create the problem.

How do we solve the problems and challenges that we face in our world and in our daily lives? We engage in the process that it takes for us to get to know ourselves. From that viewpoint, we can then choose the best use of our energy, our time, and our resources. We start thinking outside the box which allows us to come up with new ideas and answers.

Your offering of what you know and desire to share is serving our world. Have you not found that when you help someone else with something they are struggling with and that is easy for you—how good you feel once you have helped them? It’s a beautiful dance when we share what we have with someone who needs that very thing. We both walk away feeling good and that all is right with the world if even only for that moment. Wouldn’t you like to create that same feeling moment after moment, day after day?

You can when you learn the dance of who you are and what you have to offer and you give that offering to the world. As time goes by, you will learn more and the shape and form of your gift will change. That is the adventure. That is the creation of a fulfilling life.

"The Beginning" Road Sign with dramatic blue sky and clouds.

Created by Hope Weinmaster

thought for the week:

By Hope Weinmaster

“Why always ‘not yet’? Do flowers in spring say ‘not yet’”? –Norman Douglas

Cattle drive

My father died when I was quite young.  So when it came time to ask a man in my family to walk me down the aisle, I chose my only living grandfather.  It was one of the most touching moments in my life.
My grandparents lived on a ranch in-the-middle-of-nowhere Wyoming.  It was in icy January with a couple of feet of snow on the ground and I had gone out with Grandpa to help water the cattle, although being the gentleman cowboy that he was—he wouldn’t let me out of the truck for a moment!  It had snowed and there was thick ice covering the watering troughs.  Grandpa took a metal sledge hammer to break the ice so the cattle would not go thirsty.  I remember for the first time in my life seeing how fragile he was.
When he got back in the truck, I asked him if he would consider being the one to come to Arizona and walk me down the aisle.  That was the one and only time I saw tears in his eyes.  He cradled his arms and said, “It seems like only yesterday I was rocking you as a baby in my arms.”  Then he smiled and told me he wouldn’t miss it for the world…
In March of that same year, my grandfather passed away.  He died in March at the very young age of 62.  I was grateful that I had seen him at his happiest and also his most vulnerable.
I later found out that my grandparents had decided to retire in September.  The very first trip was going to be coming to my wedding.  They were saving up money for a motorhome, had purchased new dishes and silverware for the motorhome, and also had bought new clothes that were carefully tucked away for their new life.
After Grandpa died, my grandmother gave away the dishes and silverware.  The motorhome was never purchased, and the clothes were never worn.  It was that very event that has fashioned one of my most adamant belief systems which is to recognize that every day is our life.  Our life doesn’t begin when we get the new car or the bigger home—it is right now, and that every event is a two-sided coin.
Although my grandfather was not there to walk me down the aisle, he passed away doing what he loved to do.  He was surrounded by the vastness of ranchland filled with cattle, antelope, and deer.  He lived true to his personal values and lived life the way he chose to. 
Tomorrow is promised to no one.  Are you living the way that you would choose?  Find a way to recognize the things that you long for as already being in your daily life.  Remember the two-sided coin?  Maybe you long for a different economy—yet where you are at allows you to pay the bills on time.  Enjoy the ability to pay the bills and even start to call them your “investments” because they are!  They are investments in yourself and your family.   Do you long to go to school?  Maybe you can recognize that learning the skills at work are your school for now.  Use your goals you have set for proficiency to be your exams and try to ace them the way you would your class!
Plan for the future, learn lessons from the past—but enjoy today because it is the only day you know for sure you have been given.


“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”" Gandhi

It struck me that “Paying It Forward” could be a way to raise consciousness in an organic way…what do you think?

“Sometimes it is necessary to reteach a thing its loveliness.” Galway Kinnell

Today I bent the truth to be kind, and I have no regret, for I am far surer of what is kind than I am of what is true.
Robert Brault

Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it. Ernest Holmes

“You have brains in your head, and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself any direction you choose.”
– Dr. Seuss

Try a little tenderness–Otis Redding

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